About Our Teams

Our three sub teams work together in order to lead UM-EB to victory! Each team works throughout the year to prepare for our summer competition - the Promoting Electronic Propulsion Competition. We rely on communication across all three teams in order to reach our goals! We operate with the DEI initiative that states that diversity is paramount to UM-EB's success. We are building the next generation of leaders in the field of engineering. Everyone is welcome to our team regardless of background, experience, or area of expertise. There is a place for everyone at UM-EB!

Team Goals

  • Foster inclusivity and community among a group of diverse individuals, especially younger members to further their understanding of sustainable technologies and to provide leadership opportunities
  • Develop a two-year plan for team structure and possible design upgrades, integrating all team members in the design and build process to develop a stronger team culture
  • Expand upon our theoretical knowledge to create real-world solutions, utilizing data collection and modeling software for our calculations
  • Design and build a complete electrical system capable of high performance
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Deven Parmar Headshot

Deven Parmar

Aerospace Engineering


Chief Engineer

Sean Hickey Headshot

Sean Hickey

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Mechanical Team

Responsible for keeping us moving forward, the Mechanical Team combines Mechanical and Naval Engineering to keep us ahead of the competition. This team designs hull and hydrofoil structures alongside performing motor and electrical system integration. They are mainly responsible for the hydrofoils, motor, propellor, and hull.

Mechanical Director

Ethan Almquist Headshot

Ethan Almquist

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Brian Axelsen Headshot

Brian Axelsen

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Cooper Clark Headshot

Cooper Clark

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Carson Denman Headshot

Carson Denman

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Zach Duval Headshot

Zach Duval

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Sean Hickey Headshot

Sean Hickey

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Darren Huang Headshot

Darren Huang

Mechanical Engineering

Maria Kuenzer Headshot

Maria Kuenzer

Environmental Engineering

Kelly Nguyen Headshot

Kelly Nguyen

Chemical Engineering

Deven Parmar Headshot

Deven Parmar

Aerospace Engineering

Kyle Pefley Headshot

Kyle Pefley

Industrial and Operations Engineering

Electrical Team

By coordinating our solar systems with a wide array of electronics, the Electric Team combines Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to help us put the pedal to the metal. They are in charge of researching and building the boat's motor and safety systems with key software controls. They are also responsible for implementing the remote control system, sensors, and the battery.

Electrical Director

Jimmy Chen Headshot

Jimmy Chen

Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering

Business Team

When it comes to keeping us afloat, the Business team is in full swing, working with sponsors, the University, and interested members. The business team facilitates public relations through social media marketing, online information, and reaching out to sponsors. This team also manages project team finances. The main responsibilities of the business team include social media, finance, and fundraising.

Business Director

Mitchell Davidson Headshot

Mitchell Davidson

Business Administration

Jessica Rottner Headshot

Jessica Rottner

Business Administration

Richard Shu Headshot

Richard Shu

Business Administration

Bassil Syed Headshot

Bassil Syed

Business Administration


For everything that doesn't fit under the subteams, we rely on our consultants from a wide range of backgrounds to get the job done. We will be looking for more consultants throughout the fall of 2021!

Video Production and Editing

Anthony Marx Headshot

Anthony Marx

Environmental Studies

Web Design and Development

Taylor Pessetti Headshot

Taylor Pessetti

Information - User Experience Design

Faculty Advisor

Making sure we have the correct heading, our faculty advisors offer the team expert insight, experience, and support.

Head Faculty Advisor

Krzysztof Fidkowski Headshot

Krzysztof Fidkowski

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Chair
Aerospace Engineering Department